Thursday, January 17, 2013

...farewell, Dragon...

Apparently people born in the Year of the Dragon are particularly lucky.  Ben and I were both born in the Year of the Dragon.   Here in the US, our year was more famous for bicentennial celebrations.  Either way, the Dragon is getting ready for its cyclical siesta and the Year of the Snake will slither in on February 10, 2013.  We reflect on our good memories and think of our friends on the other side of the globe quite often.

We are excited to hear that another group of University of Kentucky students is preparing to go to Xi’an as the partnership continues.  We wish them the very best of experiences!

In the meantime, we find ourselves craving the flavors of Old Xi’an… Fortunately, there are some international food markets here in town, and many restaurants.   

Our current favorite is Panda Cuisine on Nicholasville Road here in Lexington, Kentucky. 

The pork belly, garlic eggplant, dumplings and other dishes we had were very much like we enjoyed in China.  Of course, the vastness of Chinese cuisine can hardly be experienced in one meal!  

We just ordered Peter Hessler’s book, Country Driving, and look forward to more of his clever, insightful and informative style of writing.  (see previous posts)