Saturday, February 11, 2012

...from Bluegrass' Stone Fences to Beijing's Great Wall...

This blog, Signs of Discovery, is intended to journal highlights of our journey from Kentucky to China. My husband, Ben, will be among the group of student teachers from the University of Kentucky that will be teaching in Xi'an this Spring. I have long been interested in visiting China, and I am delighted to be joining this group.  The Confucius Institute at the University of Kentucky is a significant partner in arranging this opportunity. 

November 2011--Chinese Scholars and Students
@ our house--we look forward to more visits in the future!

Kelly, Dr. Maske, Ben
Bi Lao Shi, my first Chinese teacher.  She is very pleasant and patient!
January 2012: Chinese New Year Celebration @ UK's Singletary Center.
Sophie is a Chinese teacher who was in a class Ben took last summer.

February 2012: Xi'an Crew with Flat Stanley dolls from a local elementary school.
L-R: Dr. Henry (she is the UK faculty who will be in Xi'an with the student teachers the entire length of the program), Joe (local high school faculty who will be in Xi'an for 2 weeks), Dr. Huajing Maske (director of the Confucius Institute @ UK), Dr. Fawson (he will be visiting us in Xi'an and has been very instrumental in this entire program), Carrie, Kevin, Kathryn (GA who is helping to organize this program--the "go-to" person for all the minute details of this trip), Ben, Kelly, Barry, Stacey.


  1. A comprehensive introduction to travels through China. I look forward to further blog entries as our experiences develop.

  2. Will be interested in you travel days. What a trip for you both. China has always interested me so much, I even tried to learn a few Chinese characters...not to succesful so far. Thanks,