Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...sounds of Xi'an, continued...

After I posted this morning, I realized I had forgotten a very significant and frequent sound: firecrackers!  On a regular (think--daily) basis, and especially on the weekends, a rapid smattering of pop pop pop pows...echoes among the buildings.  We are not sure what they are all for, but Sunday morning we heard some in the courtyard of the next apartment building and we looked out to see a stream of people pouring out of a building.  There appeared to be some sort of celebration.  Last week we happened upon a wedding procession and in front of the banquet center, the red paper confetti that explodes from these noisemakers was all over the cement. 

The florists also decorate the cars used in the wedding procession.  This procession included at least 8 or 9 of these SUV's. 

Meanwhile, across the street, was this gentleman, in a much less noisy vehicle. 

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