Sunday, November 13, 2016

2 years, 3 continents, 4 countries

I recently met with a former professor for lunch.  She mentioned that during the summer of 2013, she had followed our trip to Spain via this blog.  I purposed to revisit this temporarily abandoned site.  One reason for the long pause is that so much has happened and I felt that I needed to go back and fill in the blanks...and while I waited, new discoveries were made, new friends made, new languages explored...and yet no writing or reflection in this manner.  Perhaps one day I will upload photos of our special opportunities and unique privileges.  For the present, I will simply list the dates and locations of our journeys.  Remarkably, in each place we met members of the local Deaf communities!

Spring 2014: I graduated from EKU with a degree in Deaf Education and began working for Fayette County Public Schools with deaf and hard of hearing students.

Summer 2014:  This was our summer of American travel.  After visiting family in New York and New England, we toured Washington, D.C.  Highlights included campus tours of Rochester Institute of Technology and NTID as well as Gallaudet University where I gathered on site information to share with my students whom I hope will one day enter these institutions of higher learning.  We then traveled to Georgia, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  Although we really enjoy train travel when abroad, we agree that one outstanding feature of travel in the USA is our interstate highway system.

Summer 2015:  We had a family reunion in Branson, Missouri.  Then, we visited Ben's sister in Dominican Republic where we were fortunate to meet several new friends.

Winter 2015:  Over our school break, we visited Ben's former "home" in Argentina and spent a day in Chile during our return flight.

Summer 2016:  Ukraine was our destination to spend a month with some of our cousins.  Again, we met several Deaf folks who patiently communicated with us as we learned some Russian Sign Language.

This list represents time/location and perhaps some photos will be added later.  The primary purpose of this post is to give myself permission to move forward with my blog without the burden of catching up on everything!

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