Sunday, March 11, 2012

...from Detroit to Shanghai...

Ben's parents took us to the Bluegrass Airport Saturday morning and we flew to Detroit.

Of course, at the Horse Capital of the World, one would not be surprised to find an airplane just for horses!
(I guess horses don't need windows:)
Our nephew, Jacob, was wondering which direction we would be flying.  He is very interested in finding places on his globe.  The flight trail took us up across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and the clear skies allowed a nice view of the Great Lakes!  We continued on over Hudson Bay and further toward the top of the globe.
Ben took some photos from the window seat.  To see his account of today, go to his blog at

I found out from our seat mate that Chinese people believe in drinking a lot of water. (I'm going to like China :) When I mentioned the standard advice of 8 glasses a day that Americans advocate, he informed me that amount would be considered the minimum!  Ice water is not popular, nor considered healthy.  Rather, hot and warm water is recommended. Here is a photo from the Shanghai airport, likely common here, but new to us.

We found a comfortable hotel near the airport where we are glad to rest and regroup before the final leg of our trip tomorrow to Xi'an.  Interestingly, the door key card also activates the electricity for the room.

Our group is to meet at the airport with the director of the school and travel together to the campus.

somewhere over the tundra...

Ben working on his blog for Spanish students about the adventures of Pepe.  Check it out even if you don't speak Spanish!

The local time is 12 hours ahead of eastern time zone, so we have essentially skipped ahead a half day.

Good Night in Mandarin Chinese - 晚安 wǎn ān

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