Friday, March 9, 2012's the weather?...

No, it isn't that we've run out of more interesting topics--weather actually can be pretty important to consider.  We've decided to take several layers of clothing...and hoping we stay warm enough, cool enough...whatever the weather.'an+China+CHXX0141

Xi'an, we have been told, is quite dry in March.  Springtime winds can bring dust from the Gobi Dessert and our Chinese friends here in Lexington advised that we pack dust masks.  However, it appears there are rain showers forecast for the end of next week, so that should settle the dust and the smog.

The weather here in KY has certainly been noteworthy.  Last Friday, several communities throughout KY were devastated by tornadoes.  Lexington was more fortunate than Madisonville in the west and West Liberty in the east.

Then on Monday morning we awoke to 3 inches of snow!

We have been enjoying several last minute visits with friends and family as well.  (and we have certainly talked about more than "just the weather" :)

We also learned that Ben and I will be staying in an apartment/dorm on the campus at Gaoxin High School.  This will allow us a great deal of interaction with the faculty and students.  Meals will be in the cafeteria.  So much for hoping I would be able to practice my chopsticks skills without an audience!!

We'd like to keep in touch via Skype, so look us up!

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