Sunday, March 25, 2012

...from here to there, and along the way...

Yesterday was wonderful for many reasons, and lots of it could not be captured by a lens, but here are a few things we discovered on our way to the center of the city.  One of our Chinese friends took us to the metro station, which is Xi'an's shiny new subway system.  It is unbelievably clean, safe, cheap and fast.  Unfortunately, many lines are still being built, so we couldn't take it all the way back to Gaoxin High Tech Zone (where we live).

Here is a florist we passed. Sharon, I think they could use your help! of the great highlights of the day: we were strolling through a neighborhood and Ben noticed these 2 Deaf girls signing to each other.  They are college art students.  They know some ASL, written English, and our Chinese friend helped interpret through written Chinese.  We are hoping to keep in touch with them.

The water delivery system. Yes, this is how we get ours at the apartment too. 

In the background is the Bell Tower, in the center of the city.  It was first built in 1384.

Ben @ the Little Wild Goose Pagoda.  We didn't have time to go in the gate and when we got to the Bell Tower, it was closed too.  Maybe next weekend.

Right in the middle of a busy street are many reminders this city is in the midst of a huge construction boom.

From across the square this grandpa in the Muslim quarter was trying to get his little granddaughter to speak in English to me.  She happily said, "Hello!"  Her parents are off to the left, just at the edge of the photo.  People here tend to be very friendly out on the street.

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  1. Love your blog! We miss you here in Michigan...but glad to see your grand adventures! K