Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Discoveries @ Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca...

This morning, while Ben was in class, I took a walk to the Public Library, which is in a historic building, The House of Shells.  The following excerpt from the website link explains some details about this landmark: Today the Casa de la Conchas is a modern library, but it was once a palace of Rodrigo Maldonado, a knight of the Santiago (Saint James) Order. The palace was built in the 1500’s. The shell that adorns the building is the emblem of the Santiago Order.
The inner courtyard of the Casa de las Conchas.
The library staff were very helpful, and seemed to understand my Spanish enough to help me find a book that teaches LSE (Spain's Sign Language) to children.  The book is very well done and features many photos of Deaf students demonstrating the vocabulary of LSE.  I hope I can order a copy of this book.  Below is the manual alphabet of LSE.


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