Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Salamanca: History & Tapas

We have really enjoyed the last 48 hours and the directors and professors at Mester Academy have been very organized and hospitable.  Yesterday, one of the professors gave us a walking tour which included explanations of some historical sites in Salamanca.  This evening, she and other representatives of the school arranged a ruta de tapas, a tasting tour of tapas offered at local venues.  Here are a few photos, with sparse details because it is almost past bedtime here--even for night owls!
The music of this instrumental/vocal duet echoed amidst the historic
stone buildings of Salamanca's streets. 


Gabriel Guillen (teaching assistant at Mester), Dr. Robert Blake
(professor from UT, Austin) & Ben on La Ruta de Tapas. 

Spanish teachers from California, Texas (native of Colombia) and Arkansas 

Many restaurants and shops have these hams hanging in their windows.  They have a
different flavor than Kentucky's country ham--very distinct.  Wish we could bring one home, but I guess that will happen when pigs fly :). 
The people who served us in each of the 4 places on our tour were very hospitable.

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