Tuesday, March 6, 2012

...what we are packing...

We are down to the Final Four days before our departure and carefully scrutinizing each item to determine its eligibility to earn square inches in our luggage. Of course, this is a topic that has infiltrated much of our research regarding this adventure.

A few pieces of packing advice that have surfaced multiple times:
  • Take half of what you think you will need.
  • Carry tissue and hand sanitizer.
  • You can buy almost everything you will need at your destination...
  • ...EXCEPT shoes...for our size feet :)
Speaking of shoes, we tried out some hiking shoes last week at Raven Run where we spent a sunny afternoon with John and Laura.  I found a pair of walking shoes that are trail rated by Jeep. (J-41 is the brand--at DSW)  Supposedly they'll take me "over the river and through the woods"...I'll be content with "over the Wall and through the hutongs".

So...at this point, my luggage consists of a backpack and a wheeled carry-on size suitcase.  Together, they total around 60 pounds.  This includes clothing, shoes, laptop, camera, books, host/hostess gifts, medicines, toiletries and a few granola bars.  When we return, I'll reassess my decisions regarding the items I took and those that got voted off the packing list. 

We are also packing Pepe, who looks somewhat like University of Kentucky's wildcat mascot.  The students in the Liberty Elementary Spanish Immersion class, where Ben started his internship, are looking forward to seeing photos of Pepe's adventures in China!

And last, but not least...Flat Stella is sliding into our backpack.  She is joining us from Cassidy Elementary School here in Fayette County.  If you haven't heard of Flat Stanley projects, I'm guessing you haven't been around any elementary school students lately!

...and here is one more glimpse of our group that is traveling from Lexington to Xi'an.  We met for dinner at Malone's last Tuesday evening.  Some UK faculty and staff joined us as well.

@ Malone's: Stacey, Kevin, Carrie, Kelly, Ben, Barry, Dr. Henry, Joe
Dr. Henry's husband will also be in Xi'an.  Joe R. is a high school guidance counselor, as
well as a graduate student.  He will be in Xi'an for 2 weeks.  Stacey is an Elementary Ed
major as well as a dance instructor.  Kevin, Carrie and Barry are completing Master's degrees in Social Studies.


  1. I hope that ‘Flat Stella’ had a blast in her new place! And thank you for sharing those simple pointers. Packing can be a pain, especially if you have a lot of stuff. That was the most frustrating part of packing my things when I moved to my new apartment. Learning from that experience, it would be best to sort out your things and bring the essentials. By the way, how is the new place? {Clay Delgado }

  2. I think Flat Stella enjoyed her time :). We spent two months in China and can't wait to return to explore new areas and see the friends we made during our short stay. I see from your website you know a thing or two about packing as well!