Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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On President's Day we stopped at the Nicholasville Starbucks and saw two Deaf ladies visiting in American Sign Language.  We recognized Jackie, whom we'd recently met at our friends' 50th wedding anniversary celebration. 

Upon learning we were going to China, she insisted that we find a copy of Frances Parsons' book, I Didn't Hear the Dragon Roar, published by Gallaudet University Press. Professor Parsons, who is Deaf, has traveled extensively and written 3 books about her travels.  This book about her months in China in 1986, includes accounts of her visits to schools for the deaf.  It has definitely lived up to Jackie's recommendation.  Here are a few links about this outstanding lady:


As an American Sign Language/English interpreter, I am certainly hoping to meet members of China's Deaf community and would be absolutely thrilled if I could visit a school for the Deaf in China! When we return from China, I plan to continue working on a degree to become a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

@ the historic Kentucky School for the Deaf


  1. Kelly, this looks like an amazing trip! How long will you be in China? Looking forward to watching your travels here on the blog!

    1. Thanks Angel! We are very much looking forward to it.