Friday, July 5, 2013

Aldaba Residencia Universitaria, Calle Monroy, Salamanca, Spain

This blog wouldn't be complete without a post about our "home" for the past 2 weeks: Aldaba @ Monroy. There are two locations for Aldaba here in Salamanca, both owned and operated by the same ladies, and we hear good reports from the teachers staying in Aldaba Rector as well.  Our experience here has been excellent and we would recommend this lodging option to anyone.  The rooms each have a private bath.  They have single and double rooms.  No smoking is allowed in the building.  Internet is available in every room, and WiFi is available in the dining room.  The photo above is of the main entrance, and if you look closely, you'll see we are adjacent to a Carrefour, which is a convenient place to pick up necessities, and it accepts foreign credit cards.  We actually have stayed in 2 rooms here, since when we arrived the larger room was still occupied.  Below are some photos that were taken in both rooms, as well as a single room.
The foyer just inside the entrance is cozy and clean.  The door is locked at all times and we feel very safe here.
This is the room (on the main floor, just off the dining room) we were in the first few days.  It is a very nice room and opens to the balcony.
This room is on the 3rd floor, a bit larger and more suited for two people.
Some of the double rooms have bunk beds. 
Ben, doing homework. 
This dear lady is a wonderful cook (and also a kind and patient Spanish teacher for me :). The homemade meals are satisfying and offer a variety of examples of traditional foods.  Lunch is served from 1:30 - 2:45.  Dinner is served from 8:30 - 9:15.  Breakfast is self serve and available around 7:30 in the morning.  Breakfast in Spain is fairly light--coffee and a small muffin or croissant, but then they eat a "2nd breakfast" around 10:45 in the morning at one of the many cafes.
This is the dining area and the terrace pictured below, is adjacent to the dining room.

The 2 rooms on the main floor (where the dining room is) open onto this balcony.

The staff here is very friendly and they have patiently allowed me to practice my Spanish. This is one of the ladies who does some of the cooking and also cleans the rooms and common areas.  I snapped this photo in the 3rd floor sitting area. 

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  1. Kelly, I enjoy getting a peek into your many excursions! So exciting! Hope you are enjoying this summer. :)