Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Signs of Teixeiras in Miranda do Douro, Portugal...

When I learned that one stop on our weekend excursions was in Portugal, I was very excited because my Uncle Jorge Teixeira is originally from Portugal.  Immediately we found a place of business with the Teixeira name near the door :).  The small city of Miranda do Douro is just across the river from Spain, and our bus arrived during siesta time.  The streets were quiet as we wandered around the older part of the city, discovering the old city wall and city gate.  When the shops opened, we went into a store selling linens (Portugal's cotton products are quite popular) and the store owner was very friendly.  Ben has learned a bit of Portuguese and she kindly let him practice speaking a bit.  Below are the snapshots we took.  It was 96 degrees while we ate our picnic lunch under the shade trees near this fountain.
 Clearly, lavender is not allergic to heat and drought! We found this beautiful patch on a hill overlooking the river. 

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