Wednesday, July 3, 2013

University of Salamanca and surrounding area...

The University of Salamanca, founded in the 1100's, is the 3rd oldest continuously operating university in Europe.  We had a brief tour of some of the historic buildings and a few other nearby public spaces.

Door to a classroom.
An old lecture hall. I will never complain about uncomfortable seats :).
The library.

 This old sequoia is in a plaza inside the university.
 The ceilings are worthy of a photo.

We also climbed up a tower of an old cathedral.  Actually, it is the "new" cathedral, as the original one, which is adjacent to the new one, was damaged by an earthquake in 1755.  Anyhow, the bonus of climbing the tower was a view of the city and surrounding countryside. 


Those who know me well will be impressed that I can coexist with the multitude of pigeons that inhabit this city. :) They are Everywhere.

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