Monday, July 1, 2013

Caceres, est. 34 B.C.E....

After Merida, we were taken to Caceres, another city that has ancient roots.  It was founded by the Romans in 34 B.C.E. and has had a variety of inhabitants and governments, including the Moors in the 12th century.  The photo above was taken during siesta time (notice the absence of people in the background, we did not photoshop them out :) in the Plaza Mayor.  The plaza has several buildings dating to the 12th century.

 The most interesting part of the tour for me was going down below the Caceres museum (built by the Moors several centuries ago) to this cistern. One of the agreements in years past was that this water would be available to all citizens of Caceres in times of drought.  Through the centuries, water-rights have always been a concern, just as they are in many places today.

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