Tuesday, June 12, 2012

...Cuihua Mountain...

Our group visited Cuihua Mountains, which are about 20 kilometers from Xi’an.  Here is a link to more information about the site.  It was a sunny Spring day and we explored the trails at the top of the mountain, around the man-made lake, and a few of us even tried the Zip-line.

We didn't see too many birds in China, but this black and white kind is quite common.

Barry, Ben and I met this Chinese couple at the top of the mountain.  She is studying international business and he is in sports, I believe.  They helped get us pointed in the right direction while we were looking for the way back down!  Chinese people were almost always willing to help us find our way.

Barry in one of the many rock tunnels near the Icy Wind Cave.

Carrie at the base of the mountain.

This appears to be similar to the monarchs on this side of the planet.

Along the trail: a fortune teller.

Ben getting suited up to ride the zip-line.  His smile betrays his concern at the apparent lack of safety features....

...especially when he saw the not-so-sturdy stairway up to the top of the platform!
After he and Barry made it the trip safely, I ventured across the lake on the zip-line too.

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