Tuesday, June 12, 2012

...taking it all in stride...

Before we left, I wondered what kind of shoes to take.  Whenever I asked someone, the answer was, “COMFORTABLE”.  I will report that the Jeep-41 shoes I got at DSW were the best investment I made.  We easily met the recommended daily goal of 10,000 steps (approx. 5 miles) while we were in China, and I was so grateful for good shoes. 

I also had taken 2 old pair of black shoes—one flat and one pair of heels.  They were so worn out by the time we left, I didn’t take them out of Xi’an.  The Chinese women wear lots of heels and fancy shoes (see photos below), but comfort was really my top priority, and if I went again, I wouldn’t pack the heels.  Of course, when you visit people’s homes, you remove your shoes at the door.  Ben took one pair of hiking shoes and a pair of comfortable dress shoes.  He left the latter behind as well, since they were quite worn out.  I did try on a few pair of shoes in the store, and my size 9M (US size) was impossible to find in the regular stores of Xi’an.
Our feet on the ground at Forbidden city.

Mother/daughter shoes at Tianenmen Square.

In Beijing, people seemed more interested in comfort and we saw more tennis shoes there compared to other areas.

The guard's shoes looked quite spiffy.

These heels were very typical.

I would NOT want to walk a mile in these shoes!

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