Thursday, June 14, 2012

...Kelly's Courtyard Hotel...

A month before we left Xi’an, Ben learned about “Kelly’s Courtyard Hotel” which had high ratings from customers who booked through  Our two days at this hostel validated every positive comment we had read.  The only reason we didn’t stay longer was because the rooms were all taken.  We arrived from the train station at 9:00am and Bob, the friendly & efficient host, welcomed us to a breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, croissants and coffee.  (real coffee!).  Bob offered us a tour of the hostel while our room was made ready. 
The alley leading to the hotel. 
The nondescript doorway to Kelly's Courtyard Hotel.
The breakfast is served in the courtyard, which is covered by a glass roof.  The rooms open into this central area.

The spiral staircase carried us to a sitting room with computer portals. Then Bob showed us to the rooftop patio where soft chairs, plants and tables created the perfect place to read while listening to the hutong (historic neighborhood) chatter.

We met visitors from Canada, Australia, France and Germany during our brief stay. If we have an opportunity to return to Beijing, we will be sure to make reservations well in advance.

Ben emailing family in the upstairs sitting room.

Bob's son is a computer whiz already!

Bob & his wife with Ben & the hostel staff.


  1. Wow. The hotel looks really beautiful. The way it is designed is simple and classic but appealed me so much. I am pleasantly surprised to know about this home like courtyard hotel.
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  2. Yes, staying at Kelly's Courtyard Hotel was a perfect mix of the privacy of a hotel room (each room had its own bath) and the comraderie of a hostel (we at breakfast with folks from 3 different continents!). It is off the beaten track enough to be quaint and close enough to the main roads to be convenient.