Tuesday, June 12, 2012

..."Thank You Reception" hosted by University of KY...

Dr. Henry, Bill, Ben, Kelly, and 4 of the English teachers from the high school.

The administrators, cooperating teachers and many others in the Gaoxin school community went above and beyond to make the experience beneficial for the student teacher interns from the University of Kentucky.  To show appreciation for the first year of this unique partnership, a “Thank You Reception” was arranged at the Swisstouches hotel, which is across Tangyan Lu from the high school.  Dr. Henry gave a fitting address to the administrators of the various schools where the interns had been placed.  Madame Wang and others responded warmly with words of commendation for the interns as well as enthusiasm regarding the continuing partnership with the University of Kentucky.

I really appreciated the principal and head English teacher from primary school.  They made me feel very welcome during my weeks in the department there.

The buffet was tasteful and the casual seating arrangement was ideal for this event.

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