Tuesday, June 12, 2012

...leaving "home"...

…just a few more snapshots…and then we’ll catch the next train to Beijing!
1101: our apt @ GXY

The friendly ladies at the students' supermarket on campus.
Packing up our desk was the last thing on the list!  The apartment was sunny and warm the day we moved out.

Carrie with Jo, one of the teachers in the international center.

Carrie, Kevin, Barry & Ben eating in the teacher's section of the cafeteria. 
Ben's office mates, Mao Lao Shi and Tang Lao Shi, were very hospitable.  Because of them, Ben learned survival Chinese (they speak no English) and learned all about morning exercises!  They are chemistry teachers.

Ben and Kevin in Ben's office debriefing after team-teaching an English class.

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